New song coming August 25th!

It has been far too long since we last chatted friends! I aim to change that right now. I’ve been hard at work on new music and the first fruits of that effort will be coming your way in just over a month from now! Come With Me If You Want To Live dives deep into the 80s synthpop sound, which is fitting as the title plays off of a quote from Terminator. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. As always, your support and encouragement do not go unnoticed. Thanks for sticking with me on this musical journey.

Go Tell It On The Mountain Available Now!

Because one Christmas song just wasn’t enough…Go Tell It On The Mountain is available now! Thank you to everyone who has been listening to One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas. I hope you also enjoy this fun arrangement of Go Tell It On The Mountain. As of this moment, it is available to listen to *almost* everywhere you would normally listen to music. A couple of my streaming partners are a little slow getting this one out :). I will update this post when it becomes available.

Listen with any of the links below:

Official Lyric Video

New Song Available Now!

My new song, One More Sleep ’til Christmas is available now, wherever you listen to music! I had a ton of fun recording this cover from the soundtrack of one of my favorite Christmas movies, A Muppet Christmas Carol. Hope you enjoy it also and share it with friends and family this holiday season!

Listen with any of the links below:

Or watch the lyric video: